SWTOR Update 6.2.1 things you need to know

  • SWTOR update 6.2.1 will be released on February 16. This is the first patch of the new 2021, bringing an improved and rebalanced uprising, a redesigned loudspeaker system, the end of the 13th season ranking, and some key changes to the guild conquest system. I will break down the patch notes for you and explain the purpose and significance of each change. Let's dive in!

    Important update: BioWare announced that it will delay SWTOR Game Update 6.2.1. The reason is the weather conditions in Austin, Texas, where the studio is located. The Amplifiers system was released with Onslaught in Game Update 6.0. You can get it as an optional additional statistical information layer to further improve SWTOR Credits.

    Since the release of the extended version, the amplifier has remained unchanged for more than 16 months. In September last year, BiWare's Chris Schmidt hinted in an interview with my friend and content creator Aviriia that changes to the power amplifier system are coming, but not too soon.

    Fast forward five months, and we finally have them. I classify these changes as improvements in the quality of life, rather than any actual changes in value. No new amplifiers were added. The "Amplifier" window has been redesigned. Now it has been attached to the "character window" and opened automatically with it. The button used to open it disappeared from the "Character" window. Many players hope to upgrade quickly in the game. In https://www.iggm.com/swtor-credits you can find many ways to upgrade quickly.