Get Shiny Pokemon the right way

  • The hottest news about Sword and Shield recently is about the arrest of a 23-year-old hacker in Japan, not the Cramorant Max Raid fight. He made a profit of about $10,000 by selling the saved file data of the game. Was arrested in the name of selling Shiny Pokemon.

    The man is an unemployed person in Nagoya who used hacking techniques to attack game characters to obtain pokemon. The desktop computer used to change the data was displayed at the press conference. Violation of Japanese law: "Prevention of Unfair Competition Act." He has also pleaded guilty and admitted that Sobble, which he would acquire in April last year, was sold to a Japanese man in Kyoto for about US$41. In the following seven months, it made a profit of 1.15 million yen. At, the price of Shiny Sobble is $1.89.

    The Pokémon Company recently cracked upon Pokémon hackers. In January, this company put players with “illegally modified data” on notice. This included players which had been adding new Pokémon to Sword and Shield. The Pokémon Company stated it would penalize cheating players by limiting features like the use of Pokémon Home.

    Pokémon hackers are already testing the limits with the items they can make do with for years. The company banned a wave of cheaters from Pokémon Sun and Moon from online services last 2017.

    The game Pokemon Sword and Shield is really hot. But players should choose professional and safe websites when looking for Buy Shiny Pokemon For Sale services. Let us play the game correctly and enjoy life correctly. Profiting through improper means will eventually be punished.