Pokemon Go: How to beat Aerodactyl

  • The Rockets led by Cliff will be the focus of the February game. After Jessie and James have always received attention, they will face the Rockets' challenge, which may be a headache for players. To defeat Cliff, we must defeat the Pokémon Aerodactyl that has been used in battle.

    About Aerodactyl Pokemon
    Aerodactyl continues to be introduced amongst gamers since Generation I. It is usually a dual-type Pokemon with Rock/Flying Fossil abilities. It has risen in the Old Amber. While it can be not something that will potentially evolve into another Pokemon, it truly is capable of evolving into a Mega Aerodactyl when combined with the Aerodactylite.

    Aerodactyl Weakness, Resistance, and Immunities
    According to Bulbapedia, since Aerodactyl is often rock and flying Pokemon, it might be very weak to Steel, Water, Electric, Ice, and Rock form of Pokemon. Normally, it is usually damaged by Dragon, Dark, Fairy, Psychic, Grass, Ghost, and Fighting-type Pokemon. This means that by using a Pokemon inside your collection with such abilities, you automatically provide an advantage over Aerodactyl.

    However, it could be resistant to Flying, Poison, Bug, Fire, and Normal-type Pokemon. Moreover, it can be already proof against Ground Pokemon. In some circumstances, gravity is within the effect. Therefore, the potency of Ground Pokemon may double, which produces Aerodactyl quite prone to it.

    Great Counters for Aerodactyl
    Now that you understand its good and bad points, you might have a list of counters at heart that you can head over to battle with Aerodactyl. However, you might like to try these thoroughly tested Pokemon counters against Aerodactyl: Raikou, Electivire, Blastoise, Tyranitar, and Empoleon. The effective defensive method against the attacks of air-finger animals is to have fats and charge moves.

    Just ensure never to pick Flying, Poison, Normal, Ground, Bug, and Fire Pokemon when they can certainly be a weak defense for Aerodactyl inside battle. Be sure to prevent any Pokemon that Aerodactyl has already been immune to.

    Do realize that while you could defeat Aerodactyl using these tactics within the battle, there are more Pokemon you will want to attack in Team Rocket leader Cliff's lineup including  Gallade, Slowking, Cradily, Dusknoir, Mamoswine, and Tyranitar.

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