And he's tackling a particular point made in the report.

  • Nogami theorized that Animal Crossing Items New Horizon's lesser than anticipated youth demographic may be since New Horizons has not yet been accessible during crucial holiday periods.

    "Since it has not been a year since it premiered, it hasn't been possible for most kids to buy it, but for now it is a game with a user set that is likely different from your own expectations," he said.

    I will move a little off here, and wonder if this drove them for a significant loop. Kids (can be) more adapting and they surely have a much smaller voice when it comes to feedback.

    Basically, will they try to appease their older audience (who showed up in droves) or even attempt to change to match to make it less appealing to adults and much more (or only) attractive to kids?

    For me personally it is not even that, it is the second onwards profiles have limited skills. This fuckin blows and stopped me from getting the match. Otherwise I would've loved to discuss an island with my husband.

    It is not perfect, but it actually does not hamstring you enjoy you think/people say.

    I personally love sharing the island with my spouse and daughter. I certainly understand wanting one to yourself too. As always, more options and flexibility are constantly better.

    Yeah, if both players were equivalent owners and may"progress" the island evenly, it would be OK. I've got it and my daughter would be the island proprietor so there's really nothing I could do unless she goes and does exactly the quests.

    And he's tackling a particular point made in the report. Does he have to explore every single topic before making a remark?

    This is clearly not a sport designed toward the majority of individuals with this sub. I don't really understand all of the hating given most folks here either didn't play with the old ones or obviously have an interest in a game which is not Animal Crossing.

    Don't like decorating? Do not like talking to villagers? That's disliking the cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells core of what the match is intended to be and it is no wonder you'd hate it.