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  • That's Bron though. Bron has earned those cards being the nba 2k21 mt coins greatest player of his generation and one of the best EVER. Zion currently has 6 different cards such as his 3 free cards.

    And they did nothing for Kobe. .

    Do we know what their deal appears like in regards to Kobe? Like I understand last year once he passed they needed to renegotiate the rights together with his estate to have the ability to add the G.O.A.T Kobe. I'm curious if they have free reign to create as many Kobe cards since they want this season or if it's a limited amount type of bargain because it's odd they haven't busted a diamond out yet even though we're well into PD's.

    And every card has to possess 96 3 point score and hall of fame catch and shoot as you know, it is not easy hitting 6 total three's over 24 games.

    Even back in college people were being foolish"best bidder of cheap mt nba 2k21 time" my bum. Bro couldn't even carry a team with two other lottery picks to the last four.

    Like we supposed to forget AD won every single award potential, shattered the time NCAA record for blocks in a season, place multiple single match and season records at UK, and carried a group co-headlined by MKG into 38-2 NCAA title.