They do not need to classic wow gold

  • Man I thought I was in the vast majority of people believing that the best method to play TBC would be a 100% fresh host. I really don't know why blizz can not only make new and servers that are continued. I really don't think that it's an exaggeration to say that the playing experience could be completely different between them.

    People overwhelmingly stated the first month of fresh classic has been the best part but say they are not in favor of fresh TBC, like wat?

    My problem with 100% fresh servers is that, everyone is super hyped for BC so they can level in Outland and get into the newest content. They do not need to classic wow gold level up new characters through the old world, which remains one hell of a slog to level through in BC.

    Yeah I believe that but if folks don't want to level new personalities they then could play on the servers that are continued. The old world levelling is also significantly faster, you could definitely get to 60 over 2-3 weeks of sane playtime.

    I really think getting to content 2-3 weeks later to mywowgold get a literal totally different server experience is well worth it but I am in a minority.

    A strict cap is not likely to work. As an example, should they restrict it to 1000 gold then players/bots will purchase subs or account to utilize as mules to spread their gold across. If gold was reset to 0, then players/bots would bring across copious quantities of materials to sell in TBC.