This opens the potential for Milestone capes over 99 later on.

  • Happily the Grand Exchange has solved a lot of that problem unless you're at the purchase limit, but I am a patient person and will wait for a few days for things to purchase in the GE for RS gold the total I want. You live and you learn...

    I will bring that I have had attempts at scamming multiple occasions, one most noteworthy was a participant wearing a completionist cape asking me to assist him with a pursuit...'a pressure plate in blood runs deep'. I played with a long while standing in the GE lender, eventually telling him was conscious of his own ruse and that I knew there was no pressure pads in B.R.D. he proceeded to log out. Hahahaha.

    Now it's a certainty that 120 skillcapes will probably be released. Consequences of this cape: High-level gamers now have an alternative goal they could go for when they never wish to get Max or even Completionist. The stats of the cape will probably be lower compared to a Max cape. This might result in elitist attitudes by 120 cape owners supporting players with 99 in the corresponding skill, and may discourage newer players.

    This opens the potential for Milestone capes over 99 later on. There is a good deal of controversy supporting this idea, with the primary argument being that it encourages excessive, salty gameplay. The community will get even more efficacy and XP concentrated rather than"pleasure" focused. Generation skills will become more expensive to train, since the richest players now have incentive to buy and use huge amounts of supplies. If you voted together with the expectation that it would not affect you, you are extremely incorrect. Anyhow, I thought this could be a fantastic time to discuss concept videos of 120 ability emotes.

    I know I know... I'm not much of a famous member. In reality, I have not participated much in OSRS Gold For Sale these forums throughout these 6 years. I mostly played came here in order to read Sal's awesome guides. I can still remember my very first day at Runescape. Back then I was only a teenager, eager to play runescape since I thought it was amazing I could perform a character and just roam around a whole world and go wherever I wanted. I went via island tutorial and started with only a couple of coins (I think it was 12 gp lol?) .