Which are the stats tho?

  • Which are the stats tho? You shouldn't do it much under 90 combat, as they will mess you, and you would hardly make any money (even at lvl95, last time I tried, it ended at OSRS gold a loss for me, as the pray pots+meals cost more than the loot). I'm a noob. My complete level is only 437. I really don't understand how to look up my aggregate combat level, but my Attack is 32, Power 15, Defence 23, Ranged 6, Prayer 20, Magic 49. Yeah, totally unbalanced.

    When I started playing, I wanted to be a powerful mage, so that's where I put most of my attempt. The only reason why my strike is as large as it is is because I like to beat up bears and unicorns with my bare hands and no armor. People stop and look as though they're thinking,"OMG! Look at this silly noob beating up that bear with his bare hands and no armor! What a noob!" Anyway, I just wanted to learn how to acquire different places. I like to go exploring, occasionally. I didn't need so much for into the barrows specifically, just how to get past that dog which protects that tunnel under that temple so that I can explore everything east of Varrock.

    And also the first time I fight any new bosses, I move completely empty so I don't risk anything, though I know I'm likely to get my head handed to me. So, I got beyond that puppy by performing Priest In Peril, however today I must receive my Crafting around 25 so I can pass Burgh de Rott and continue east. According to the in-game map, there's a massive city just to the east of Burgh p Rott. To check ur combat level, u kill the button with two swords, (one with the different atk fashions ). And u see the battle lvl composed there. Also ur cb lvl are around 30 im guessing. . Barrows is where u kill 2 lvl 95s, and 4 lvl 115s. .

    Until u had atleast lvl70+ stats, barrows wouldnt be a fantastic alternative... As you'd practically need over 1 stock of pray food and pots simply to endure 1 of those 6 brothers... Which is simply awful... Also, any high lvl needs lvl43 prayer, which should be priority numero uno atm... Shouldn't cost u 300k if ur gilding (not burying) large bones.

    And omg, Ah! Even I wanted to be a Mage xD. . But I ended up getting melee greater... Prolly cuz mage sux for battle, unless ur on ancient spellbook, that has very strong spells, but they cost arround 1k per cast. Plus, melee just rules! On barrows, however, Mage is much better, since the armour they use (the lvl115s) are several of/the highest melee defence in sport. . With a very low magic trick. Also, prayer is one of the best skills u can train. . Totaly worth the money... Keep training ur abilities up Old School RS Gold, but prevent grinding. . Enjoy the match.