Locate Gilded Altar and sacrifice your bones onto it.

  • Locate Gilded Altar and sacrifice your bones onto RuneScape gold. Ensure that the two burners are burning . When you are finished go back to the portal site, un note things and repeat the process. Should you ever run out of energy you'll be able to find most of the times rejuvenation pools in POH at which you are able to reestablish your points

    This procedure gives the greatest possible experience per bone while leveling your Prayer ability. You need to complete Restless Ghost, Priest in Peril and Ghost Ahoy quests to begin using it. Ectofuntus is a temple at north Port Phasmatys which may be worshipped by sacrificing bones. While you do that you get 4 times normal experience which can you get for burying your muscles. It's very cost effective thing to do if you would like to conserve as much cash as you can while leveling your prayer but is not necessarily best since it's time-consuming. As it gives only a little more exp than Gilded Altar and requires that long to do, it should only be accomplished with the majority of costly bones. Here's what you need to do to worship Ectofuntus. Proceed to the Ectofuntus bottom level (it is possible to teleport utilizing Ectophile) via trapdoor and all the way into the slime pool that's on the bottom floor.

    Return to the bank chest and do this excursion as many times as you want (you want 1 bucket of slime for each bone that you would like to forfeit ). Require 14 bones of your own choice and 14 pots and teleport back to Ectofuntus via Ectophile. Go to the 1st level of the tower where you can find Bonegrinder. Use your bones on bonegrinder to get pots of bonemeal. Grind every one your bones and return to bank. When you're finished grinding all the bones and collecting all of the slime buckets you'll be able to start earning expertise

    Require 14 Buckets of Slime and 14 Pots of Bonemeal and teleport into Ectofuntus. Worship Ectofuntus to receive prayer xp. For every single worship, you may receive 5 Ectotokens awarded by disciple NPC. There is an extra method of getting slime which may be faster in the end. You can visit charting Crewmember at Port Phasmatys which sells 10 buckets of slime. Purchase all of them and OSRS Gold For Sale change the world to restock. Buy again until you have a full stock and then run to the lender to store them. Also rather than running to the bank in both slime amassing and bonegrinding you can utilize Ring of Duelling which will teleport you to Castle Wars where you'll find chest closeby. Teleporting between this place and Ectofuntus will accelerate this process by quite a lot.