I began playing RuneScape a couple of days ago.

  • I began playing RuneScape a couple of days ago. I found RuneScape fun and addicting, but I watched some folks over RuneScape which were way more powerful then me, such as level 68 or OSRS gold level 70. And so I chose to function and aim my objective to become powerful and meet a woman and a boy that will be my buddies and assist me on my trip. If anybody can, please tell me where the best places are for all these individual stats so I can train! Also if there will be a woman and man to assist me on my journey that would be fine. Thanks!

    Alright so here's a full guide to assist you get to your goals (in the sequence you need to train, I'm assuming you want a greater combat level ): There are a lot of quests that you ought to do in order to help you train those skills, but I will skip them in this informative article. Strike to 30: Cows/Minotaurs at the Stronghold of Security. Power to 50: Cows/Minotaurs/Hill Giants(I would await ~40 battle before those) Defence to 30: Same as above.

    For Prayer just bury the bones that you get; at lower levels it'll allow you to get quite a couple of prayer levels. Basically those two are fairly great for low level f2p training). If you kill cattle, make sure you pick up their hides, it's good money. I suggest killing them at the farm south of Falador. It's usually empty and close to a bank as well. Runecrafting: This is not a combat skill, but I suggest training it to provide you with the runes you are going to need for Magic (unless you want to buy them of course).

    Do what Bennub stated; however at level 33 you are going to be profiting from crafting air runes. Magic: You when you have enough money(~40k) buy a water staff, couple hundred earth runes and couple hundred body runes. Now cast confuse until level 11, then weaken to level 19. Because you may cast these while safe-spotting you won't require food. If you run out of runes or get bored you can always return to other skills, get cash and return later. You can even throw battle spells if you want to.

    Right, subsequently throw curse to level 25, Varrock teleport to level 37, Falador teleport to cheap RS gold level 43. Then comes Superheat. Since you'll need atleast 15 Smithing to make iron bars(or 30 for steel bars; both are pretty good, is dependent on personal preference) I would say train your Smithing (and Mining while you're at it). Mining + Smithing: Again do exactly what Bennub stated (he is actually quite useful, amazingly xD) for Mining. Once your 15(or 30), you can start Superheating. You could also buy bars and smith them.