Order of brothers: Dharok: you have to use protect from melee.

  • Quests: If you're planning on doing Barrows regularly, In Search of the Myreque will probably be quite important. Optionally, you can also complete In Help of OSRS gold the Myreque to get accessibility to Burgh De Rott. Desert Treasure would also be helpful (for Ice Burst) but is again not neccessary. So get seeking the Myreque done, the other two are optional.

    Equiptment: Only from taking a look at your present equiptment, I will tell that you might be short on cash. Some general changes you could make are updating the Rune/Dragon armour to Barrows armour, specifically Guthans (for place effect) or Torags (for exceptional defence bonuses). It is necessary to have boots/gloves/cape because every incentive counts. I'd buy Dragon Boots, or Rune, Rock Climbing, or even Adamant. To get a cape I'd strongly recommend an Obsidian Cape, however a God Cape (out of Mage Training Arena), or some other cape will suffice. Personally, I would alter the Dragon Medium Helm to some Helm of Neitiznot, Berserker Helm, or a Dragon Total Helm for additional, more valuable bonuses. Also (this may be the most important thing)... Get an Abbysal Whip... Very expensive, but really helpful.

    I don't have a lot of expertise at Barrows, so you will probably need someone else to enlighten you about the following: Purchase: The generally accepted order of killing the Barrows brothers is: Dharok, Karil, Ahrim, Verac, Torag, Guthan. You will NEED to plead against Dharok, Karil, and likely Ahrim. You may also choose to pray against another three. All the Best.

    Right, for barrows, you need 80+ Attack/Strength/Defence, and 70+ Magic. 43 Prayer is essential but 70 is helpful for Piety. Black sallies require 70 in robes, magical, and attack. Their ammunition is Harralander Tar and it is extremely effective, but may be rather costly depending upon your magic level. Slayer dart requires 55 slayer, and it's principally used because when you loot the chest, you have a higher prospect of getting the runes for slayer dart ( 1 death rune/4 mind runes per cast.)

    Order of brothers: Dharok: you have to use protect from melee. Use your magical attack. Karil: if you have leftover prayer, then utilize protect from missiles (Piety also helps a lot in this situation ). Switch to your melee weapon to kill him. Ahrim: if you've got leftover prayer, then utilize shield from magic. Equip D'Hide, along with a crossbow or the shameful sally ranged style. Verac: if you have leftover prayer, utilize it on Old School RS Gold protect from melee. Drink a Super Defence potion before looking for the sarcophagus. Take advantage of your mage style in great melee defence gear (Rune+). Guthan: utilize your mage style in melee armour. Torag: utilize your mage design in melee armour.