Well I'm going to buy myself some RS membership.

  • Ok I got the base of the sceptre and that I got the right skull from the minotaurs now All I need is another bottom of the sceptre and the left creature half. . .But then I need to fight ankous...I don't think I'm good enough to OSRS gold combat ankous....Heres what I'll be sporting: no picture, Rune Full Helm, Rune Platebody, Rune plateskirt, And the meals Im using are: Lobbies. So... People are my stats since I want to kill a couple of ankous I don't know if I'll survive to get my left skull . Thank You for Answereing!The ANY is CAPITALIZED as it's cheat means try to click one option at the LAST SECOND trusting your opponent will not see it. Dishonor can be very complex, soemthing like: When you were minding something that you and ur competition shared but not enforced and you move against that rule. Trying to escape. . .um allow me to guess, teleporting or logging out. For dishonoring, heres what I do: I dont wait for two minutes to check all the possiblities of shedding before I accept a duel --those poeple are bothersome (no offense) When it occurs to me that the other person has less armor or less cb lvl than me, I MIGHT remove my armor.

    Ok so I'm a level 90 with about 9m-9.5m after getting scammed of 600k (Long story) but I would like a santa hat ASAP so I was requesting the quickest way to make money to get a f2p. My stats I think are helpful are: magical 69, runecrafting 50, crafting 53, mining 67, smithing 58, fishing 65, cooking 72, woodcutting 71. I'm currently smelting 12k coal and 6k iron to 6k steel to gain around 700k but this will have a long time and is definitly not the fastest way to make money, and so I made this article when doing that any suggestions are valued.

    Well I'm going to buy myself some RS membership. Since this is my very first month, I've got some general questions that I want answered. As for this above, what sort of shield should I have. Any suggestions will help. I find those really interesting. So what are these called, just how much are theyand/or do I need to do a quest to use it? The first quest I should start (I would love to do a pursuit that would allow me to wield a dragon weapon) First P2P skill I should work on? I really like the sara cape. I heard you need to overcome some high lvl monster in sme jungle stadium place. Is this monster hard to beat in my lvl of 74? Finally, any hints to make money, very good areas to train my battle lvls, train abilities, etc.. Thanks for all of your help!

    Which cape if I get? Ability cape takes a very long time to get, you have to Old School RS Gold no-life to get one or wait weeks. You want some high skills and a lot of cash to find a Fire cap. My stats are as follow: '' I can make/buy Ppots. I've got enough money for Guthan's, crossbow, and a few bolts. I have 6 days of X'Mas break, therefore I have around 134 hours to finish the flame cape. My goal at skill cape is Woodcutting/Fletching/Cooking. Woodcutting being my highest of them, but can take long, Fletching being instant, and ingesting being third. I have adequate amount of money, but I'd prefer not to devote 1m when I do not gain from it ( I could sell Guthan's and crossbow, use the pots for later use or only sell them, too ).