Buddy: Hey you understand that sport RuneScape we had to play?

  • Buddy: Hey you understand that sport RuneScape we had to play? Comped player: Yeah, I have got a Completionist Cape on RuneScape now! It mean's I have finished the game! Friend: Really? Did you kill the hardest boss? Comped participant:... No, I actually have not killed half of RS gold the directors in RuneScape. Buddy: then how do you completed the game? Combat plays a major part in RuneScape, which is undeniable.

    And bosses are a huge role in combat, so in my opinion it seems fair that carrying them all on and beating them be a necessity for your Completionist Cape. And of course I am a massive fan of itself, Yakamaru is going to be a wonderful doggy! The difficulty I have with this is team bosses. There's no guarantee you'll come across a group, period. Having the ability to"complete" ought to be something that's ensured, and doesn't rely upon other players. In terms of skills, that could have been workable up until the raids release. But currently there are tradeable skills, and with them as a necessity would be similar to getting every weapon in RuneScape for a requirement. I also added more to my above post since your last post if you did not notice and want additional reading / conversation.

    Both are very afkable skills, so they are nowhere near as much pain to train, while Fishing is not awful but I personally find it slower and more annoying than Woodcutting. Having lots of trees along with a bank/deposit box/shot near you helps speeding it up.

    I recall the Rimmington Willows place was pretty decent, not lots of people/bots there and you can sell the logs into the shop. Draynor is also good, better than Rimmington but all worlds will probably be packed with different robots or people. For Maples that the Seers Village spot should still be king, near the bank and lots of trees.

    Yews I don't really recommend, I just bothered cutting them because Woodcutting was my money making ability and Willows/Maples weren't worth much. If you want to buy OSRS gold give them a try though I always liked the Tree Gnome Stronghold spots, particularly as they were close to some Magic trees too.