I wish they would hurry up using more of this post launching

  • I have no idea how it's a worse amassing game than those two. There are far more things to collect and way more you can do with the Animal Crossing Bells things you collect.

    Games evolve, normally. People like it, it keeps the IP interesting. AC hasn't done that, at all. It had been great about the Gamecube, it is not great anymore.

    I waited over a year for this game to come out only to eliminate it and stop playing completely in 4 months heh. I'm probably gonna play with pocket camp again because it seems like there is so much more stuff to do there with constant updates

    I wish they would hurry up using more of this post launching content for New Horizons then. It is still lacking a fair bit of content which was in the prior game on 3DS.

    Really there is pretty good evidence they are planned for a post launching update. Like paintings, even the gyroid cafe from prior games has been datamined.

    Not certain where they are, but I'm sure they'll still be added. Nintendo only likes to trickle feed material. Very gradually.

    Nah, it had been said by Aya Kyogoku (director of this and new leaf, which nintendo unfortunately do not know) and Nogami the updates could be impacted by covid, which explains why they had to slow down.

    Thats about 7 decades of potential development but its just like they didn't start until the Switch published (I know AC and Splatoon share some folks but still). I dont see them adding a great deal more to the main gameplay formula. Much like they will concentrate on fine-tuning existing features and build up/polish them. Loosely linked to AC but anyone else overlook My Sims? Guess they pumped too many offshoots out and did not get the cash they had been awaiting.

    Eliminate is the cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells wrong word. They simply didn't re-implement them, yet. If they might have with keeping the identical development period they would have.