I would never look at begging people for money

  • Since I got back to RS a couple of RS gold months ago and eventually became a part, I've noticed a huge amount of players (mostly round the GEx) begging for money. Now, I have personally never had over 500K to my title. I have never needed more than this and I have never actually set out to attempt to make money. However, when I've had to buy something expensive I've worked hard to make the money I wanted.

    I would never look at begging people for money but I see countless numbers of players asking for numbers as high as 100K, 500K and even 1M. I was just wondering if people actually give money to these players? Does it pay off for all these beggars? If it does then it feels somewhat demoralising into a player like me who, when I want cash, puts time and effort into making it.

    You need to see lumby. A lot of old player makes level 3 accounts just to beg. Merely to inform you... once I started my new account... I had been given around 250K in things and cash... Well, this was 2-3 months ago. Now next weekend I must have around 10M. Why? Because I merched with the cash. The cash does prove to be useful. Only 1 thing. I never shopped for it was awarded by a random person. If you find a person who's new and you understand 100% that he/she is new you can decide to helm them out.What should I use? Melee and Range. How much xp/h This is dependent on what you're doing and how effective you are at doing that. Could you please elaborate on what you would like to achieve? Maximum xp per hour or maximum gain for hour Maximum xp. I would like to get 70 variety and 70 defence. Where are the monsters located? Flesh crawlers are good, at the stronghold of security. Anything that is for mems? Just how long will the pursuit take for the archer helm? The quest should not take too long, its low problem. You will need to get the requirements though, and that can take time if you are not willing to dump money in to leveling. Thanks.

    Can I get a skill to 99? You are able to cheap OSRS gold get any ability to 99. Proceed with the skill you most enjoy training. Thieving can be done in 72 hours if you are prepared. Really? Please tell me what to do? Please provide me a manual. Anything else? I will attempt.