They have only held them too long though

  • They have only held them too long though and outwaited the 2K21 MT policy because of nothing more than greed and wanting to make a lot of profit.At this stage they've probably had it for too long to do so, they've been trying their hardest to fuck people

    I get up every day or two. . .and right when my java really gets everything going I go sit on my throne and laugh at ebay prices dropping. . .like almost everyone else that didn't succumb to scalpers I'm good just waiting till amazon will drop one off at my doorway. No rush wanted its not like there is some list of games that I can't play right now if I want.Screw these fuckers, do not purchase ever from scalpers, however much you want something. Simply wait, it is not vital.

    Yea I have seen that done, people purchasing a console for one game which they need, and selling it later. I bought a"brand new" condition XBONE from a guy, with 2 games being Star Wars, and he handed it to me at a Star Wars bag... Some people simply want their one thing and do not bother with exclusive bs

    So, to be fair, I had been trying to snatch one up for a friend who didn't have enough opportunity to monitor them. Then they said to still get it, as this friends sister was searching for one. A half later, I land one and inform my buddy. His sister found one (Thank you for telling me asshole). Coworker called me outside for scalping (if anyone had bothered to ask, the round amount was supposed to earn a money transaction easier and was happy to accept actual retail). Then I ended up trading with another friend who couldn't manage it but wished to exchange. And that's the story of how trying to do something nice for someone turned into me getting accused of something that I despise and obtained a glock 27 and some cash for my trouble

    Listen, if all these folks were selling like 50-100 around to make their tiny time cut I'd have much less difficulties, although still be annoyed. But it's they are going double or 400-500 minute over.This. If you see my story above about getting stuck with a single after trying to Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins help a friend who was too busy, I was just going to return it, however, I could not