Truly a shame what's happened to sports matches

  • Last of us was boring lol. An average story at best. Simply because games aren't used to getting good story telling most of the time. It's because there's no competition, if there was another company that produced these sports games then perhaps EA would really try to Madden 21 coins do something. It is mainly because of FP. As it stands they don't have any reason to fix them financially. Hopefully next year, with pes shifting to search engine it will surely be better than frostbite. PES won't be competitive because EA has more of their club and league licenses than Konami does.

    That's not the problem. Problem is the game modes aren't enjoyable. That is the major issue, PES plays pretty good but there's fuck all to do on it and their UT isn't the most user friendly. Even though EA are dreadful, I truly hope FIFA is not as dreadful as madden is the year. . I doubt it will happen so abruptly. I believe a change inside EA would be better since they own a number of franchises of games, and it could be amazing when they just started placing the consumer at first location. But hey, like that's ever going to happen. God Madden is indeed bad. I don't even have the sport but have played with on friends' approaches and spoke with MUT players. I used to have Madden 05 and it was a fantastic game to play. Truly a shame what's happened to sports matches. Really a shame what has happened to sports matches.

    The main issue with sports games is that they'll always find a casual audience who do not care about the ultimate team stuff. So what happens is that the hardcore audience is left dealing with exploitive ultimate group clinics with no end in sight since developers have little incentive to change their matches. If you try something like this in an fps or some enormous aaa single player game, then customers will fine a competition and give that game their business. Never played any 2k football games but I have heard that NFL 2K5 is the best soccer game ever. That's why I am awaiting FIFA 22 on another gen. That is when we'll see change/improvements like we saw with FIFA 15.

    Most games that operate on unreal has really good gameplay, do not think PES devs do not see fans complaining. I think they're attempting to capitalise on that. I will be ready to generate a switch in a heartbeat if PES brand new gameplay gives a realistic, enjoyable and fluid encounter. But MyTeam is even worse compared to FUT in terms of P2W and articles. With bigger player base they can improve faster IMO. What incentive would that be? People today have a tendency to forget that PES is published by Konami who are even scummier shils than EA themselves... Still a little competition for EA would always be buy Madden nfl 21 coins more profitable for its players.