What Jagex is doing is about the easy money.

  • EoC isn't really the RS gold issue. To me, it is simply more clicking for the same outcome, and the highlight is being able to queue emotes. WoW I utilize 80 odd keys and there is a minigame involved with exercising DPS improvements or exercising new tactics in PvP. Although I am an old fan of mind controlling foes off cliffs.

    The way EoC came into being is the issue. Imposed upon gamers. One Jmod recently posted about a poster on forums revealing some bugs in BA, that it was great constructive comments. Later posters remarked that these bugs had been found and delivered to Jagex from the beta, nevertheless they still made it to live. So players weren't involved in the start, some two decades back, nor at the end.

    Runescape can't survive by dismissing players. EVE Online does not, WoW doesn't. Both of those gave me jaw-dropping service in contrast to Runescape. So I do not worry about EVE or WoW residing. "Because it is proven to work" , well Runescape would never have been created if that argument applies to new upgrades. MMOs are 15 years old. That's not much time to already have traditional panaceas.

    What Jagex is doing is about the easy money. SoF is unregulated gambling in a game which has addictive properties, it is a natural match. Is it a long term one? Nope. Japan went through this lately, they controlled their social games that included some gaming, and the game companies mostly shut . Because by that time they did not care about the sport, only the money.

    If Jagex had requested players around EoC we'd have probably got dual wielding, the skill things like emotes and thing dropping and then a slower development from there. If at all. Those things would have made for a happier place at the moment. I believe it's mad that Jagex will not ask gamers what they want. It is like they can't handle change buy RS3 gold unless they control it. In which case, the most recent quest seems apt.