I hope Jagex looked at it hung there heads

  • If Amik is ruling in OSRS gold the king's steed, certainly he'd have a peerage, such as a Grand Duke? Also that would make Burthorpe a principality (I'm imagining the actual principality is big and the town is merely the funds of it). In terms of the Kinshra, they banished from Falador and on the hills (I am pretending there is a huge mountain range separating Asgarnia and Misthalin from the Wilderness... it seems strange to have a single mountain on its own) so I am guessing that produces Daquarius, the leader of this Kinshra, a marquess. That makes sense as he he holds the title of lord. So again, why is Sir Amik merely a knight in comparison to Daquarius, a god? So, what do you? Can a knight really be allowed to rule a domain name? Oh and sorry for a couple bits that are unrelated, I copied and pasted it straight from a post I left on the RSOF.

    Graves decrease the risk of RS with a huge amount

    The grave situation makes zero sense to mepersonally, for those who don't know, it is the arguement that grave stones will not be blessed since people will probably steal your loot. Regardless of the fact that preexisting 07 it was exactly that but you did not have a 6 minute grace period of picking up your items, I fail to see what the problem is. 1 arguement that has come up is the arrival of new bosses requires graves, does it? Really? Tormented Demons, a new manager released in 08, so far as I am aware, even when I duo me and my spouse do bless (well he blesses mepersonally, he has yet to die:D ) I can always make it back in 3 minutes. So the whole tomb stone bless arguement holds nothing here, it doesn't matter whether your tomb is lucky or not, you are still able to return.

    Corpreal Beast on the other hand was designed deliberatly not to utilize the gravestone mechanic, I hope Jagex looked at it hung there heads in shame at the maintenance bear bosses with very little risk, so created one to ignore gravestones. So you've got 2 minutes to get back to your belongings, there's no reason that can not remain before cheap RS gold becomes people loot is there?