Finally I think ethnic appropriation becomes maintained too oft

  • Finally I think Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket ethnic appropriation becomes maintained too often, but that does not mean there is not dialogue to be had concerning it. No, nothing that goes on in Animal Crossing should ever be considered cultural appropriation. However, the others commenters do make some point, that some people can grow up and encounter racism, bias, etc against their civilization, to be called trashy for it, just to turn around and see others taking parts of it as it's aesthetic or artsy or so on. That doesn't justify policing hair styles, however, it provides context at least.

    And you can expand that statement to add things like clothes and jewelry. It would not make you a racist. Again, supposing it doesn't have specific importance such as ceremonial clothes. But if you're wearing something predominantly worn by a different civilization, and that clothes is often looked down , and a person from that culture says"Why do they get to put on it without facing discrimination, but that I get called trashy/unprofessional looking/etc?" The correct response isn't to play with the victim and say"What, I'm racist because I enjoy the way it seems?" The correct answer is"you are right, that isn't fair. Individuals should be permitted to wear what they desire without others policing them. Respect my right to wear it and I'll gladly respect your right to wear this, and hopefully we will reach a point where nobody needs to"respect the right," you can just wear what you need without problem."

    My point is they (usually) aren't calling you racist because wearing clothes is racist, or because they are only mean people. It's because of a frustration of double standards. Should you grow up needing to defend your culture, attempting to tell people it's not ghetto or trashy or so on, and then one day you turn around and see somebody else taking facets of your culture since it seems fine, and no one gives them any shit for this, you can have two responses: be glad that some folks are starting to accept it more, or be angry that people get to enjoy it without facing the identical discrimination you did. Jealousy and envy are not great, but they are clear. And thus the conversation ought to be to attempt to shift them back over to being happy that the culture is being more widespread accepted. But if instead you buckle down, and attempt to argue against them and get all defensive, all that is animal crossing furniture gonna happen is people are going to fall farther into an"us vs them" mindset.