And that I need help on Melee gear if mine is great as it is or

  • The Dragon OSRS gold Armor supplies 17 more Slash Defense, but 55 not as Range Defense. But what about the 6 power Bandos gives? 6 Strength will only boost your damage by roughly 1, maybe two. 17 Defense is not a lot to scream about, but the Bandos Chestplate and Tassets add to 41.3m at market cost. The Dragon Platebody and Platelegs add to 13.6m. Dragon is roughly 1/3 of the price of Bandos. It's only my opinion that Bandos isn't as great for your money you spend. It is not"a thousand times better" 2 strength raises your maximum by 1, 6 has the potential to increase it by 3. 17 slash defense is nothing, that's like wearing an excess bronze chainbody for god's sakes.

    And that I need help on Melee gear if mine is great as it is or whether it can improve. What Im wearing right now... Im not planning to PK. However, if theres anything I can improve for Player vs Monster within this Melee set up please let me know. As of now I have I believe. . 3.1M I can make more money if I need to and that I juss started back to runescape so if your going to indicate to level up,please tell me where it's fast to level the certain cb skill.

    If I were you I would save your money and keep with Rune until you have 70+ in the 3 Melee stats, unless you have lots of spare money. It's not that long til 60. Apart from Weapon that's, and perhaps an Obby Shield. Perhaps I should go through the whole thing! Perhaps you might wish to consider doing B.A to your Torso, but that is your decision cheap RS gold and it may be hard if you don't get decent teams.