I don't think I advertised this website or Zybez in any way

  • HiI might OSRS gold be stopping membership for some time simply to catch up on school work and was wondering what non members amour to buy Experts: Guthix: cheap and will have alot of cash left over. . Cons: Guthix:not quite nice bonus. Zamork:Preety great bonus might have to take into account 10 runs of green drgas to manage. Sara:Very pricey and will have to do alot of work to manage. In the moment im leaning to buying Zamork is the ideal decision? So if I could have your remarks that would be valued.

    First of all I'm Free-To-Play. I need help on which one to train on effectively. I want drops. I need decent exp. Which of the choices stated will satisfy your own needs? Giant Spiders is an option if the exp per hour is way over the other choices.

    I'm not sure if discussing bans or mutes are allowed here, but that is my first time becoming muted and it happened on Salmoneus's clanchat. Rule 11 appears to be for promotion websites. Offence Type: Breaking Rule 11 Site commited on: RuneScape Offence Date: 23-Aug-2008.

    Letsfoldsoup: [clan]although not a lot of ppl can conquer his mining. Letsfoldsoup: [clan]anybody recognise my title? lol

    I don't think I advertised this website or Zybez in any way. I was only talking them. I read the rules and it said it's against the rules to market a website but there's nothing about talking about you. I'm muted for 24 hours by a moderator (PMod or even JMod?) , so it is not a major thing. However I am concerned because there does not appear to be somewhere to appeal. I can't see how many blackmarks I've either, and the status of the offence seems to function as"Deferred". This likely destroys all hope of me ever being a player mod, but it's my very first offence buy RuneScape gold so I'm not entirely certain what to do.