Strike the mithril dragon in close range and use shield from m

  • I have been down Best OSRS Gold site before, but I had been fighting waterfiends in the time (which I eventually ended up cancelling). BUt I have the following concerns: 1. Should I have any different strategy than what I use for additional metallic dragons, except I understand I'll require food because they vary their strikes b/t mage and melee. If so, what armor recommendations which are not anticipated should I use? 2. Can a dfs really make a difference here, or would you only indicate another product I'd be shedding when I expire? 3. Since they change their strikes, should I protect from melee, or by mage? I'm presuming melee, however I don't know how powerful their mage attacks are. 4. If I decided to protect from mage, if I use better armor, like torags rather than proselyte for greater protection, and give up the pray bonus? 5. If I just cancel the undertaking, and go back to him and hope I do not get something worse? (it is only 4 mith drags) And I really don't wish to visit anyone else cause it is my 35th job in a row, so I must be receiving decent bonus reward points to your endeavor.

    I would love it if only individuals who've actually fought them reacted to this. Last thing I need is advice from somebody whose dragon experience only comes from Elvarg. I know you wanted someone with experience with them, which I've none. However, I really don't know if this info can help you whatsoever. It'll attack with variety, magical, or melee. The suggested strategy is to include it, while shielding from range, and wearing Karil's armour. This will remove the melee attack and also the range assault, and severely lower the magical attack (because of your high magic defence bonus). Using a rune crossbow using mithril or higher bolts is very effective.

    Melee: Strike the mithril dragon in close range and use shield from magic prayer. Drink potions as essential , but always make certain you're doing the best you can. It's strongly suggested that you keep auto-retaliate OFF, as other dragons can attack you after you've killed a dragon, inducing one to run away in your loot Range Equipment: Due to the dragons' immense strength it's advocated when ranging to utilize enchanted ruby bolts, which have a chance of carrying of 20 percent of a target's health. Also as with the Brutal Green Dragons, bring complete black dragonhide, a rune crossbow with mithril bolts or greater, an archer's helm, and Ava's Accumulator should you've got one. An anti-dragonfire shield is essential, as their breath can hit you from several distances off. In your inventory, have 3-4 antifire potions, 10-12 bits of good food, and the rest of your inventory ought to be prayer potions cheap RuneScape gold (range potions and teleport runes are optional, but strongly recommended Hope this helps.